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Today is : 19/04/2019


System and network Engineering - Distributor - LiFi Solutions Integrator - Smart Home - Building - Ligthing - City

Experts on systems infrastructure-networks-Datacenter-Home automation, we have been working closely, for several years already, with companies manufacturers of LiFi systems. This collaboration allows us to have access to LiFi technology, and positions us in the market as an architect, Expert, distributor, integrator of LiFi solutions to our customers, in addition to the major accounts..

We have a LiFi Gateway Solution that can interface with any home automation system on the market, also with any IP network Switch, (Cisco Catalyst, Netgear...), in order to be able to control the LiFi luminaires connected to The Ethernet IP network, via push buttons, tablets, smartphones. Our LiFi Gateway can communicate with the KNX BUS, Comexio, Loxone, BUSPro, One Wire.... and is now used by major accounts.

crantec is also an integrator of LiFi systems into the objects and has in this capacity, including patents for the integration of High Speed LiFi systems on touch tables.

Design and implementation of the LiFi Smart Building infrastructure for the office-trade-residential-hotels

Wherever a LED lighting is installed, it will also be possible to communicate freely via the LiFi. The difference between the Li-Fi and the Wi-Fi is...? The LiFi can turn a LED lamp into a wireless Internet access point similar to a Wi-fi router which, on the contrary, uses very harmful electromagnetic waves to health.

Our LiFi Smart Building solution in a Cisco Digital building infrastructure for: Business-Residential-Hotels

Our LiFi Smart Building Solution is a market innovation for all smart building projects. Our technology is designed to be easily integrated into the Cisco Digital building or Smart building infrastructure.

We are witnessing a new technological era with unprecedented change in the way buildings are Used, operated and maintained. For example, the lighting network in a building will become a communication network with the integration of LiFi technology. The requirements of mobility, visualization, Data analysis and media-rich collaboration tools quickly convert the Buildings in Digital workspaces. Architects, designers who have understood the advantages of a Flexible and robust technological infrastructure that not only can manage the Today's technology requirements can also anticipate future needs by providing building owners with key benefits To take the leadership of the real estate market.

We have the solutions to give you access to the Internet by light on your LiFi Smartphone

Access high-speed Internet with no bandwidth constraint on your LiFi Smartphone

Engineering and development of LiFi - Web - Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications

High-speed Internet without bandwidth constraint; No electromagnetic pollution. Continuous Information in Offices, in the aircraft safely; Geolocation within buildings; Secure Internet/Intranet access. We are worried to your requirements to meet your needs on LiFi development projects.

Migrating your lighting network to a LiFi luminaire infrastructure built into your Local area network

To avoid exposure to the electromagnetic waves broadcast by Wi-Fi networks in your company, we offer a migration of your Wi-Fi infrastructure to a LiFi network infrastructure. We have the only solution on the market, allowing the integration of the LiFi network into an existing network infrastructure and with your building technical Management system. This solution can be controlled via tablet, Smarphone or your current control interface. For new buildings, our solution uses the same RS485, Etherne or KNX control and communication Bus and to be integrated easily with Ethernet IP networks. The control of the LiFi Smart Building can be done from Smartphone, tablet, touch Table, Touch mirior, digital frame, notebook PC, smart TV.

Intuitive Cisco Administration Tools to manage the infrastructure of the LiFi luminaires built into your network.

Cisco DNA Center is a central dashboard for managing your network. You can easily design, deliver, enforce policies, and provide network services with full network visibility.

crantec to develop and to integrate Artificial Intelligence into its solutions

Computer vision is going through a fast evolving and disruptive period. By 2022 the computer vision market is expected to reach $48 billion, with increased demand and awareness for AI products. Industries such as robotics, autonomous vehicles, and surveillance are quickly demanding vision as a core component of their current and future offerings.

LiFi Smart Energy Home fully powered by solar energy.

crantec design

It is admitted that the global warming is leading us all towards energy transition, self-consumption or energy independence. Solar Energy is therefore at the heart of environmental and economic issues with development strategies on a global scale. Buildings are starting to integrate solar solutions to meet CO2 reduction commitments. crantec is innovating by developing a "LiFi Smart Energy Home" fully powered by solar energy and equipped with LiFi wireless mobile communications network (LiFi LED Lighting) for wireless Internet access in the house.

LiFi Luminaire-heating-air conditioning-shutters and curtains automatic-multimedia-security-control Interface

crantec LiFi Smart Home is the only smart home solution in the market to integrate the Comexio IO Server and Node-Red

crantec LiFi Secure Smart home is the only solution in the market to successfuly integrate Node-Red with Comexio IO Server for programming, controling, monitoring and dashboarding of connected objects as well as LiFi luminaires control over the Cisco Digital Building Ethernet IP network. The control interfaces, such as the IP Room Controller is connected directly and powered over the Ethernet IP network and PoE.

crantec LiFi Smart Home equipped with LiFi luminaires controlled by a KNX network - Smartphone, tablet, Alexa Voice

We use the Ethernet, RS485 or KNX communication Bus. Integration with Ethernet IP networks. Control of the LiFi Smart Home from the push buttons, Smartphone, tablet, touch Table, Touch Mirior, digital frame, notebook PC, smart TV, AI Vision. In addition we give you access to the Internet by light in any room of your home on your tablet and on your LiFi Smartphone .
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