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Today is : 19/04/2019

crantec LiFi Secure Smart Building - Hotel

Migrate your current lighting network to a LiFi luminaire infrastructure built into your Local area network

To avoid exposure to the electromagnetic waves broadcast by Wi-Fi networks in your company, we offer a migration of your Wi-Fi infrastructure to a LiFi network infrastructure. We have the only solution on the market, allowing the integration of the LiFi network into an existing network infrastructure and with your building technical Management system (BMS). This solution can be controlled via tablet, Smarphone or your current control interface. For new buildings, our solution uses the same RS485, Ethernet or KNX control and communication BUS and can be integrated easily with Ethernet IP networks. The control of the LiFi Smart Building can be done from Smartphone, tablet, touch Table, Touch Mirior, digital frame, notebook PC, Smart TV, AI Vision.

Our solutions to give you access to the Internet by light in your hotel room with your smartphone-LiFi

Imagine the LiFi, imagine that you enter your hotel room, you are detected by the presence detector that gives you hight speed wireless Internet access by the light. LiFi luminaires integrate easily into your existing network infrastructure and can be controlled from one location, or remotely controlled via your Smartphone.

Integration of Smart Building LiFi features in the Cisco Digital building infrastructure

Our LiFi Smart Building Solution is a must for all smart building projects. Our technology is designed to be easily integrated into the Cisco Didital building or Smart building infrastructure.

We are witnessing a new technological era with unprecedented change in the way buildings are Used, operated and maintained. For example, the lighting network in a building will become a communication network with the integration of LiFi technology. The requirements of mobility, visualization, Data analysis and media-rich collaboration tools quickly convert the Buildings in Digital workspaces. Architects, designers who have understood the advantages of a Flexible and robust technological infrastructure that not only can manage the Today's technology requirements can also anticipate future needs by providing building owners with key benefits To take the leadership of the real estate market.

Imagine then LiFi smart Lighting - LiFi Smart Hôtel

Imagine the LiFi, imagine that the lighting network in your buildings also becomes the communication network with wireless access and very high speed Internet, the LiFi. Hotel owners who build these types of buildings will become leaders in the real estate market by providing users with pleasant living and working environments thus promoting, flexibility and improving experience User with new uses. crantec has the only market solution for integrating LiFi luminaires into Ethernet IP networks, Cisco digital Building and home automation, to be able to control them via smartphones, tablet, touch Table, Touch mirror, digital frame, PC Portable, Smart TV.

LiFi Secure Smart Building wiring Architecture

These are the essential parts you need to converge separate networks, such as cabling to support the PoE (Power Over Ethernet) architecture, which is the cradle of the smart lighting and LiFismart Building.

LiFi Secure Smart Building logical architecture Scheme

Only one infrastructure to provide energy or Power and data to connected devices A network at the company level for all Systems where data sharing is available on all connected objects.

When we talk about the LiFi Smart Building, we invite Building owners to consider: -Reducing the costs of the infrastructure necessary during the construction and throughout the life of the building; -reducing operational costs by consolidating technology; -Cyber security risk management by eliminating unsecured networks; -The ability to promote data collection through systems to make better business and make good decisions - The provision of a flexible infrastructure that is ready to take advantage of Future technologies.

Overview of a LiFi Smart Building Infrastructure

Before the implementation of a LiFi Secure Smart Building Infrastructure We proceed prior, to the study and analysis of the manufacturer specifications. We work with architects and designers to offer solutions for LiFi Smart building integration that meet their expectations.

Integration of the LiFi Secure Smart Building control Interfaces

Our LiFi Secure Smart Building Solution is capable of integrating IP network equipment with the home automation system, for example, multi-function control panels, and the application of tablet or Smartphone controls. With scene control, lighting and devices can communicate together To create separate environments. The scenes can be activated automatically, or with a simple push of a button, either from a touch panel or a Smartphone application. When you enter an office or in a room, the air conditioner Switches on automatically, lights up, your wireless Internet access by light is activated.

Integration of LiFi Smart Building Sensing probes

It is natural to protect what you hold more expensive, that's why our LiFi Smart Building uses a wide range of sensors that allows you To transform your buildings into castles. Presence detector, air quality, smoke and gas detectors use the latest technologies, for example AI Vision to ensure that your personnel, users and infrastructure are always well protected and well controlled.

Integration of LiFi Secure Smart Building control interfaces

Imagine the LiFi, imagine the quality of control interface of our platform. Ability to control from the Sartphone, tablet, touch Table, Touch mirror, digital frame, notebook PC, Smart TV.

Cisco Administration Tools to manage the infrastructure of the LiFi luminaires built into your Local network

Cisco DNA Center is a central dashboard for managing your network. You can easily design, deliver, enforce policies, and provide network services with full network visibility.

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