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Today is : 19/04/2019

Integration of LiFi into marine environments

Imagine the LiFi as a network of communication in underwater environments

Current methods of transmitting underwater data are not effective due to factors such as multi-channel propagation, temporal channel variations, and strong signal attenuation, especially over long distances. Existing solutions, used for military communications, or for communication between divers and divers, operate at very low data rates and generally use acoustic waves instead of waves Electromagnetic. The most common method of receiving underwater communications is the use of hydro-phones, microphones based on a piezoelectric transducer. Underwater modems rely on acoustic technologies that limit speeds to a fraction of terrestrial wireless systems. LiFi technology provides a new method for underwater communications.

Imagine the LiFi as a secure communications network in sensitive environments

There is currently a challenge for underwater wireless communications effective because of the loss of radio frequency absorption, making Wi-Fi an inefficient method of communication in underwater situations. The current systems are always suitable for physical hand signals or fixed cables. The underwater communication system using LiFi technology is ideal for military and scuba divers operating under boats, allowing communication in the light spectrum to a certain radius through a system Integrated audio in their diving costumes.

Integration Secure LiFi communications in sensitive areas

Our secure communications LiFi solutions are already deployed in conference rooms and office environments requiring absolute best security and eavesdropping avoidance. These stand-alone units can be installed in most indoor rooms and are ideal for confidential government or business meetings, offering very safe and addressable data communications (person-specific), Thus allowing access to data and transmission according to the needs of the personnel or the security clearance. As the signal uses light, transmissions are virtually impossible to intercept and remain in a targeted area near the end user.

Imagine the LiFi, access the Internet by the light in each cabin with your Smartphone LiFi

Our LiFi Smart Building solutions are perfectly integrated into cruise ships, such as those of Costa cruise, which is Europe's largest cruise ship company, the only one offering a wide and varied range of itineraries. Each ship offers unique atmospheres and takes you all over the world, with all the comfort you need to make you feel at home. Aboard these boats, excellence of service and conviviality characterise the style of the holiday Costa, with LiFi wireless Internet access by the light in each cabin.

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