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Today is : 10/12/2018

Li-Fi Smart City Solutions

Expertise on Li-Fi Smart City Infrastructures - IoT

Behind the expression smart city or "smart city", we find the idea of a sustainable and connected city. This means a city that uses its capital to invest it in energy infrastructure (electricity, gas), flows (human, material, information) and employs new technologies in order to improve the quality of urban services and the quality of life of its inhabitants, saving energy resources to reduce its impact on the environment.

Smart City Li-Fi solutions Skills and Validation Center

In the public sector, the main players in this transition are the communities, urban planners and administrations involved in land and city planning. In the private sector, the participants are mainly industrial groups specialising in hydraulic power, transport, communication, urban planning, infrastructure companies and equipment manufacturers. Finally, residents are the last actor in this project since the smart city is built around the needs and concerns of its people. In other words, people are no longer consumers but partners. Our mission is to advise you and accompany you during this period of transition by bringing you our Expertise on the implementation of Li-Fi Solutions.

Supplier and integrator of Smart City Li-Fi Solutions

We are a distributor of partner Li-Fi Manufacturer systems: PureLiFi, Lucibel, Crantec, as well as other emerging systems. Our solutions cover the following areas of application: Li-Fi indoor, Li-Fi Outdoor, secure Li-Fi access to the corporate network, industry, Commerce, IoT, hospitals, Retail (Point of Sale), Transport, Nuclear, Marine.

Manufacturer of public smart lighting with integrated LED, Vision and Li-Fi technologies

We are Manufacturer of public smart lighting with integrated LED, Vision and Li-Fi technologies. Soon, you will use our public lighting as a mobile communications network to access the Internet and make phone calls with your Li-Fi Smartphone. For all your digital transformation and Li-Fi deployment projects, contact us to support you and bring you our expertise in the integration of Vision and Li-Fi solutions. Our innovations and technologies are patented.

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