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Today is : 19/04/2019

Crantec LiFi Secure Smart Home innovations

LiFi Luminaire-heating-air conditioning-shutters and curtains automatic-multimedia-security-control Interface

This is a smart home of the future, allowing for savings, renewable energy storage and the use of the LiFi LED Home lighting network, as a wireless mobile communication network and Internet access through Light. Make use of a Home automation and communication BUS like KNX, Ethernet Cat 7 or RS485. Integration with Ethernet IP networks. Control of the LiFi Smart Home from smartphone, tablet, touch Table, Touch Mirior, digital frame, notebook PC, smart TV, Voice control, AI Vision.

Imagine wireless Internet access in every room of your home or in your hotel room by light using your LiFi Smartphone

Lighting is an important feature in any home. It provides illumination for daily activities, as well as creating atmospheres by variation of light. The LED lighting LiFi is modern low-energy and allows, not only illumination, but also, wireless Internet access on the tablet, touch Table, touchscreen mirror, notebook PC and soon on smartphones. Your lighting network becomes, a local Internet or Intranet communication network. In comparison with traditional light bulbs, low-energy LiFi LED lighting can result in a 90% reduction in energy consumption. Our LiFi luminaires allow you to automatically turn the lights on or off, with exceptional dimming features. This allows a user to have unparalleled flexibility and control over all their lighting solutions. With our Smart home LiFi platform, all the lights in one property can be controled from one place, or remotely via your Smartphone.

crantec LiFi Secure Smart Home KNX - Integration and automation scheme

Our LiFi Smart Home Solution is a must for any modern residential property. Our technology is designed to be conveniently hidden from the view, while the control panels are laid in a variety of colors, styles, and finishes to fit any contemporary décor.

The technology is designed to be completely discreet, while complimenting the design and providing owners with Smart Home LiFi, convenience, safety, and energy efficiency. Our Solution allows to control the LiFi luminaires connected to the Ethernet IP networks via push buttons, presence detectors, for example. All your systems can be ordered from elegant panels, or Android and IOS devices.

This control can take place not only in the house, but from anywhere in the world. Crantec LiFi Smart home can be controlled via personal voice assistants, Alexa, Google home, Apple Siri, AI Vision.

We offer a large number of control modules allowing the ultimate flexibility in design, and can adapt our LiFi Smart Home solution to your needs and requirements.

crantec LiFi Secure Smart Home 100% Ethernet Cat7 - Integration and automation scheme

We are the Pioneer in the integration of LiFi into the Smart Home. Crantec has the only solution of the market allowing to integrate the LiFi luminaires in the Ethernet networks IP and any home automation platform, to be controlled via smartphones, tablet, touch Table, Touch mirror, digital frame, notebook PC, Smart TV, AI Vision. Our solutions are currently in production at major accounts.

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