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Today is : 19/04/2019


Expertise on systems infrastructure-networks-LiFi Smart Home-Smart Building-lighting-smart City-IoT.

Experts on systems infrastructures-networks-Datacenter-Home automation, LiFi, our design office is tasked to study, analyze your development needs of LiFi projects or LiFi infrastructures, and to offer you solutions in the framework of LiFi Smart Home, Smart Building, Smart Ligthing, smart City projects.

Skills Center for testing and validation of LiFi Solutions

As a privileged Partner, crantec have access to the LiFi technology (hardware & software) and have a testing and validation environment of LiFi Solutions prior to on-Site deployment. We have a LiFi Solution Gateway that can be interfaced with any home automation system on the market, also with any IP network Switch, for example:Cisco Catalyst, Netgear... , in order to be able to control the connected LiFi luminaires on the Ethernet IP network, via push buttons, tablets, smartphones, AI Vision. Our LiFi Gateway is compatible with home automation BUS such as: KNX, Loxone Smart Home, BUSPro, BACnet, One Wire.... and is now used by Major Accounts.

Supplier and integrator of LiFi Solutions

We are Distributor of LiFi systems from our Partners: PureLiFi, Lucibel. Our LiFi solutions cover the following field of application: LiFi indoor, LiFi Outdoor, secure LiFi access to the corporate network, industry, Commerce, IoT, hospitals, Retail (Point of Sale), Transport, Nuclear, Marine.

Value-Added Integrator Expert on LiFi systems

Our very high-speed LiFi solutions enable us to meet the needs of secure communication, especially in the current context, in banks, large companies, government institutions, defenses. We are at your disposition to assist you in your projects of LiFi secure mobile communication networks (Internet or Intranet access by light).

Crantec to develop and integrate Artificial Intelligence into its solutions

Computer vision is going through a fast evolving and disruptive period. By 2022 the computer vision market is expected to reach $48 billion, with increased demand and awareness for AI products. Industries such as robotics, autonomous vehicles, and surveillance are quickly demanding vision as a core component of their current and future offerings.

Manufacturer of innovative touch furnitures with integrated high-speed LiFi System

crantec Innovates in the manufacture of touch tables by integrating high speed LiFi technology including the WebCam for LiFi videoconferencing. Our innovations are patented.

Work management-integration and deployment of LiFi Solutions

This is an example of deploying and integrating LiFi into the home with high-speed Internet access without bandwidth constraints on the connected touch Table, on the connected digital frame, and on the integrated screens in the kitchen Connected; No electromagnetic pollution.

Development of LiFi - Web - Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications

We develop LiFi applications for access to LiFi content on smartphones and tablets. For all your LiFi application development needs, contact us to define with you the expression of needs.

crantec is Member of the Solar Impulse World Alliance Foundation

crantec design

Expert and Pioneer in the integration of LiFi solutions, Crantec has been selected by the SOLAR IMPULSE Foundation to become a member of SOLAR IMPULSE WORLD ALLIANCE FOR EFFICIENT SOLUTIONS. Our ambition is to participate in the adoption of LiFi technology that uses LED lighting to provide wireless and mobile Internet access anywhere in the world. The development of a lighting network based on LiFi LED technology will make a significant contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions and the reduction of energy consumption. Crantec to Expand Global Expertise to Offer LiFi Solutions Incorporating Solar Technology.

LiFi Project Management

To assist you in your projects for the deployment of LiFi technology, we integrate your project Developer team into the need-carrying entity, defining the objective, its timetable and the budget devoted to this project. The expected result of the project will be the realization of a product, or LiFi Solution.

Coaching-training-support on LiFi Solutions

With strong experience gained on various projects of varying sizes, our teams master the strategic issues, the functional and technical issues of the projects that are entrusted to us. We advise you and assist you throughout your project to make a successful achievement of the proposed solutions.

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